Creative Inspiration: UNHCR kick off 2019 with #StepWithRefugees

UNHCR kick off 2019 with #StepWithRefugees fitness app campaign Besides being for a good cause, we really like the social element behind this great campaign idea. Get fit, tell others you are doing it and also show your support for a worthy cause. That is a powerful combination of natural social user behaviors, that was 


Growth Marketing Concepts: Reseller Partnerships

Reseller Partnerships can take many forms, but as a simple principle, the concept is about working with a Partner organisation who is going to sell your product to their customer base 


Using Facebook Audiences for Ad Targeting

Facebook Audiences refers to the users that are on Facebook who interact with your content. But wtith target ads, you can go beyond that. 


A content loop could be the best marketing you ever do

Content loops involve publishing and sharing media, which is then shared by the business, its users or partners. That action triggers signups, activations and user engagement, which leads to more sharing of the media. This completes the “loop” or cycle. 


Why you should know your Customer LTV metric?

Most novice marketers have not even heard the term “Customer LTV“, let alone understand how to calculate it or work out what their LTV is. Yet it is one of the most important metrics you need to know when planning your marketing program and making day to day decisions on how to invest in marketing