Why you should know your Customer LTV metric?

Most novice marketers have not even heard the term “Customer LTV“, let alone understand how to calculate it or work out what their LTV is. Yet it is one of the most important metrics you need to know when planning your marketing program and making day to day decisions on how to invest in marketing 


Do you have the best technology for making e-commerce more social?

If you are selling a physical product, then there is a high likelihood you are already using e-commerce to do it. But do you have the right technology solution for e-commerce in a 2019 context, and does that technology do more than just act as a website? You may be just getting started in your business, 

ALways post your Facebook video directly

Always go native with Facebook video

If I am posting video content to Facebook, should I post it natively or can I just repost using a link from another platform?