Creative Inspiration: Birds are way cooler than humans

The Metigy team have been really busy conceiving the next generation of our product and how we can deliver on the key requirements that our customers have requested. One of the requests we regularly get, is to tackle the issue of inspiration and best practice examples 


Shooting great footage of yourself without any help

Creating compelling video on a budget, quickly and efficiently, is a skill that every content team needs, regardless of whether you are a content creator for an SMB, blogging or just producing regular content and need to work to a budget. The good news, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Telling a great story through 


Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning and Marketing

Creating a marketing platform built around Artificial intelligence, we are asked about the distinction in these definitions. So, this article attempts to help you understand these definitions and how they can be applied to marketing. I have also applied each definition to marketing to show a simple application of how it can be used and 

Facebook Page Thumbs up image with icons by Metigy IQ

Cheat sheet: Facebook Pages and Starting on the right foot

So you've gotten to the stage of setting up a Facebook Page for your business? That's Great! Let's make sure you get off on the right foot by setting it up correctly. This Metigy IQ guide will show you how to set up and optimise the page and start getting visitors and engagement organically. Read on!